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Machu Picchu,..pastel in progress,………..

Happy summer to everyone out there. I am fresh back from my last painting foray to South America, where we marvelled at the ingenuity of pre-columbian and Inca cultures of Peru. We saw and felt many climates, archaeological sites, high mountain passes and verdant lush valleys. Peru was the most amazing, most demanding trip we’ve ever done.

Congrats to all this who came and met the challenge.

Painting Peru 2018
My apologies to those who didn’t make it into the photo. Pisco vineyards, with the Andes Mountains, beckoning in the background. I am blogging in installments about this multi adventure trip at www.margaretferraro.blogspot.com

This is a very straight forward trip, with loads of focus on painting locations. We’ll be diving into Portugal in very pleasant temperatures, when many of the tourists have gone home. It’ll be grey in Canada, and (hopefully!) beautiful in Portugal.

Click here for our information package about Portugal:

If you do not live in the Ottawa area and would like to have a presentation for your art group, please contact me. I’d be happy to come and give you a demonstration and presentation on my painting trips. Contact Margaret at 249-359-8886 or marg.ferraro@gmail.com

Portugal November 1-10 2019

Come on Girls,…let’s get it on!!!

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